A positive HIV diagnosis is not something to take lightly, but is it still okay to call HIV a death note? To understand this we need to comprehend the advancements that the healthcare field has taken over the years.

Yes, HIV today is still not curable but don’t you think to call it a death note is stretching it too much? In fact, its only one of the many myths about HIV.

The difference between the HIV of today compared to HIV 30 years ago is simply that if you get infected today, and get appropriate treatment too, you can very well expect to live a normal lifespan. Nonetheless, the question remains: “Can you still die from an STD like HIV?”

Let’s state an important fact here: AIDS-related deaths have fallen by almost 48% since 2005, which means it is very much manageable if taken proper care. (Source: UNAIDS)

To take this point forward, I’d like you to meet Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson.

If you are a Lakers fan – you’d know that name! In fact, if you are even slightly following the NBA, you’d know him. I mean he ranks fourth among NBA career playoff steals leaders by total steals!

Earvin was an exceptional point guard for the Lakers. Unfortunately, his fate turned when he contracted HIV in 1991. He abruptly left the game and took an early retirement.

It was only understandable I mean what else should an HIV positive individual do other than waiting for HIV to just kill him. (disclaimer: this was pure sarcasm)

Well, being stupid enough, Earvin joined the game again 1992, making the re-debut in the All-Stars Game and winning the All-Star MVP Award!

What happened next? When did he die? Take your guess. Was it 2 years, 3 years or 5 years?

To your surprise, Earvin has live healthily ever since! Which means he has lived 26 healthy years.  

What’s even more astounding is that he hasn’t contracted any opportunistic infection till date which is the usual for HIV patients.

How did Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson manage to dodge the death sentence?

His secret of living this long is nothing surprising neither has a touch of ‘magic’. A mere cocktail of three prescribed drugs with the right amount of antiretroviral dosage and necessary lifestyle changes is all it took for him.

Don’t worry, we checked. There aren’t any special medicines he’s been taking. He’s on the same drugs that the rest of the people with HIV are taking. Perhaps the only magic that he did use was some positivity.

Yes, that is right! Your mindset, your positivity and your optimism have a huge role in your adherence to your medication. He worked meticulously to stop HIV in the backcourt!

That’s is perhaps the most effective key that Earvin and many others like him have used. Do all you have to do to prevent HIV to progress to a full-blown AIDS.

Despite being actually retired from the game, Earvin has managed to stay in the game.

He stayed in the game of life!

He has been active throughout these past 26 years and has represented the NBA on many occasions. Currently, he is the head of basketball operations at the Lakers and nothing seems to be stopping him anytime soon.

On top of that, he has created Magic Johnson Foundation to help combat HIV along with other charitable goals. He has been spreading awareness about HIV And had publicly spoken about the disease on all platforms to help everyone suffering from HIV.

The purpose of sharing his story was to make you aware that today, you can expect to live just as long as anyone without HIV.

Therefore, there is no need to consider HIV as a death sentence. If you ever feel drowned under the misconceptions associated with HIV read about the stories of HIV survivors. They will answer your fears and motivate you to overcome the myths about HIV.

So, do you want to spend the rest of your life sulking over your disease or do you want to take the right steps and head on in a positive direction?

You can always start small. Start by educating yourself about HIV/AIDS – take a course with www.abudo.com

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