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Eric Nelson
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Abudo has supplements with great formulas. The keto bundle was great for me, it didn't let me go through brain fog and helped me through my keto journey.

Mia Kent
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Abudo's courses helped empower me when I was suffering from breast cancer. They helped me understand what was happening to my body and how I could overcome my emotions. I recommend this course to everyone who has breast cancer or knows someone suffering from it.

Sarah Brown
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I love how Abudo is promoting positivity through their courses and supplements. Each bottle comes with a positive affirmation which truly can change the way we think and process information. Loved the idea! 

10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Liver Does for You

Posted by Jessica Chu on

10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Liver Does for You

The Importance of Liver in Human Body

The liver is a vital organ of the human body. You may not think much of your liver, as it is hidden deep inside your body, but do you know how important it is? It provides multiple benefits free of charge. Yes, all for free! Without even charging you 5 bucks. Good guy liver

From fighting off infections to detoxification, liver provides multiple benefits to your body. Read on to know the importance of liver in human body in detail.

10 Most Important Liver Functions

In this blog, we have accumulated a list of 10 functions of the liver.

1. Reserves Extra Blood Glucose

Out of 10 functions of the liver discussed in this blog, blood sugar absorption is an essential one. After its absorption, an excess of the blood sugar is stored in the form of glycogen in response to insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas when blood sugar is high. This stored glucose is then released by the liver, in between the meals providing you with the energy you need.

2. Stores Iron

Your liver is a warehouse for iron storage. In fact, it also contains essential minerals and vitamins that you need for a perfect day.

3. Helps In Detoxification

Detoxification of alcohol and harmful drugs is an important function of the liver that many of us were not aware of. Therefore, it is important to eat a healthy diet and not overload your liver with excessive alcohol. This much we owe the little guy!

4. Creates Proteins

Proteins are required for the proper functioning of your body. The food eaten by you is not sufficient to fulfil the protein needs of your body. There comes liver that produces its own proteins that help you function properly.

5. Processes Hormones

The human liver is the primary site of hormone breakdown. The breakdown of hormones makes bile which is necessary for digestion and fat emulsification. This makes the liver a very important organ in the human body.

6. Helps Your Body To Fight Infections

Another important function of the liver is its ability to fight off foreign agents that try to destroy your body. Therefore, for a healthy living, it’s important to keep your liver healthy and fit.

7. Makes Medicine Uptake Easier

Your body can’t use medicines in their original form, and you need some source to convert them into simpler ones. The liver is an ultimate source that makes medicine uptake easier.

8. Affects Mood And Emotions

Many cultures consider liver as a symbol of emotions of anger, irritability and hostility. Certainly, a poorly handled liver can affect your mood cycles. Women who have an unhealthy liver are most likely to suffer from PMS, dramatic drop in sex levels, and irrational behavior towards their partner. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your liver healthy.

9. Helps In Blood Clotting

Out of the 10 functions of the liver, another important function of the liver is blood clotting. It contains all the enzymes and chemicals that you require to stop bleeding. People with poor lifestyle needs to redo their preferences because unhealthy liver may lead to severe bleeding.

10. Stores Vitamins

Yeah… the last but not the least. Vitamin storage is another important liver function. It stores vitamin A, B12, C, D, E, and K that provide immunity to your body.

That’s all from the 10 functions of liver.

Love your liver because you cannot deny the importance of the liver in the human body!

Based on the aforementioned 10 functions of liver it’s important to keep your liver strong and healthy. If poorly handled you may develop certain complications associated with liver-like liver cirrhosis, Hepatitis B & C, and alcoholic liver disease. Takin care of your liver is not a difficult task. All you need is to eat healthy, exercise, and reduce your alcohol intake. Stay safe!

If you want to learn more about liver diseases and their cure visit: www.abudo.com