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Eric Nelson
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Abudo has supplements with great formulas. The keto bundle was great for me, it didn't let me go through brain fog and helped me through my keto journey.

Mia Kent
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Abudo's courses helped empower me when I was suffering from breast cancer. They helped me understand what was happening to my body and how I could overcome my emotions. I recommend this course to everyone who has breast cancer or knows someone suffering from it.

Sarah Brown
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I love how Abudo is promoting positivity through their courses and supplements. Each bottle comes with a positive affirmation which truly can change the way we think and process information. Loved the idea! 

Debunking Pregnancy Misconceptions

Posted by Jessica Chu on

Debunking Pregnancy Misconceptions

Pregnancy is an incredible yet overwhelming time for mommies-to-be. They tend to believe anything they hear during this time. Whether its how to have an intelligent baby, how to know what gender your baby is, what shall you not eat during pregnancy or whatever. THEY BELIEVE IT ALL!

Yes, these old wives’ tales are interesting to hear, but they rarely have any scientific backing. And when myths that have little scientific backing reach a pregnant woman, they add to her confusion. Don’t worry though, Abudo has your biggest misconceptions cleared; from whether you can color your hair, have sex, get a flu shot to why exercise is not something to stay away from during these nine months.

Here are some pregnancy myths debunked by Abudo:

Misconception # 1 You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee While You’re Pregnant

The truth is, coffee contains caffeine which is both, a stimulant and a diuretic which is why it is discouraged in pregnancy. However, studies show that they cause no harm to the mother and the baby. The American Association of pregnancy suggests that pregnant women should limit caffeine intake to less than 200 mg per day. This is equal to about one 12 oz cup of coffee. So, don’t overindulge, but feel free to satisfy your coffee craving every now and then.

Misconception # 2 You Can’t Pet Your Cat During Pregnancy.

This is one of the most common misconceptions about pregnancy. I think this is not only unfair to you but also your cat. But wait, is the cat clean, is it vaccinated? As long as those boxes are checked, there’s no reason to stop petting your cat. But oh, avoid changing cat litter at all costs to avoid toxoplasmosis or early contractions. That’s a severe infection that might get transferred to pregnant women. So get such pregnancy myths debunked and keep cats if you want to. C’mon they are lovable!!

Misconception # 3 Cut Back On The Smoked Salmon While Pregnant

Misconceptions about pregnancy sometimes just keep us from things that are just heavenly in the mouth. Salmon is delicious and really good for mothers to be. It contains healthy fats such as omega 3 and DHA, both of which have proven benefits for the little one and you. If you’re worried about mercury poisoning, don’t forget that salmon is a freshwater fish, so chances of mercury poisoning, are pretty low.

Misconception # 4 You Can’t Fly During Your First And Last Trimester

While care is most required in the first and the last trimesters, limiting fly time is a total misconception. You can fly whenever you want, wherever you want! Well yes, some airlines might not be open towards you flying in the last trimester in fear of you going into labour mid-air, forcing them to have an emergency landing.

Misconception # 5 Cravings Predict The Gender Of Your Baby

Nope. They don’t.
Cravings occur as a result of a hormonal imbalance. According to old tales, the type of food you crave may be a telling sign.  Oh get this old one of the pregnancy myths debunked as well. If you’re craving sugar and sweets, you will most likely have a girl. It would be a boy if you’re craving salty and savoury foods.

Misconception # 6 Your Bump Tells You If Its A Girl Or A Boy

According to the old wives’ tales, if your baby bump is higher you’re expecting a girl. If it is low, then it would be a boy. None of that is true by the way. The bump, high or low is only due to the position of the baby. This position has nothing to do with gender.

Misconception # 7 You Cannot Get Flu Shots

Most pregnant women fear that getting vaccinated for influenza (flu) might harm their baby. It is actually the opposite in reality. Flu shots can be really helpful. A flu shot can be a lifesaver for the mother and baby. Pregnancy alters a woman’s immune system, heart, and lungs, making her more vulnerable to getting a severe case of flu. Getting a flu shot can save her from getting the disease while also keeping her baby safe.

Misconception # 8 Eat For Two

You don’t need to eat two adult sized portions to be healthy during pregnancy. You definitely are two people now but here’s something you need to know: The average woman with a normal weight pre-pregnancy needs only about 300 extra calories per day to promote her baby’s growth, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. That’s roughly the number of calories in a glass of skim milk and half a sandwich. This means that you can stay healthy even when you’re eating normal portions.

Misconception # 9 Rest All Day And Do Not Exercise

Nobody has ever become healthy by lazying all day. This applies to pregnant women as well. Exercising is a very healthy habit which a pregnant woman must adhere to. It helps reduce some common symptoms of pregnancy like a backache, constipation, bloating and swelling as well as increase your energy, improve your mood and your posture. Exercising regularly has also been linked to prevention of Gestational Diabetes and an increased ability to cope with labour. You can aim for 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, four days per week and see how it helps you.

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding pregnancy. Don’t fall for it. Now that you have most of the misconceptions about pregnancy and the myths you always heard debunked, take Abudo’s help while on your family way and make your pregnancy HAPPY, HEALTHY and CONFIDENT.