+Who are these courses for?

+Do these courses really help

+ Who did the research for these courses?

+Are there any prerequisites to taking these courses?

+ Are these courses online?

+ How long is one course?

+ Are there any tests associated with them?

+ What kind of tools are included with each course?

+ How can I access those tools?

+I forgot my login credentials, how can I reset my password?

+What does positive affirmations have to do with my health?

+ How can I register for the course?

+Can you assist me if I face any technical problem?

+ Are there any other charges besides the monthly subscription fee?

+How can I pay for the course?

+What is the refund policy?

+Does Abudo provides scholarships?

+Why should I take the courses offered by Abudo?

+How do Positive Affirmations work?

+ Is there a time limit to complete the course and pass exams?

+Do you offer these courses in different languages?