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breast cancer course will be available by April 2019

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According to WHO, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, worldwide. It ranks number fifth among top five deadliest cancers, claiming lives of thousands of women each year. Like regular cancer, breast cancer also starts when the cells of breast divide abnormally. Mostly women aged 40 and above are at a risk of developing breast cancer although early occurrences are possible too. Surprisingly, new research suggests that breast cancer can occur in men too! Changes in the shape of nipple, breast pain that doesn’t go away, irritation or rash around your breast, and swelling or a lump around the collarbone or underarm are the common symptoms of breast cancer.Breast cancer can be prevented by taking a healthy diet, and exercising regularly. Moreover, diet and exercise along with taking medications on time has been proven to positively impact the treatment of breast cancer. Our course aims to provide you a detailed knowledge on the disease that would help you stay motivated and understand how to manage it for a better life.

Who is this course for?

It’s a practical course that is primarily for patients. When it comes to dealing with breast cancer, friends and family members can play a huge role and that’s why we will have a caregiving section in this course to help them help their loved one.

How much will it cost?

Our basic membership starts at $15 per month.
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What’s included in this course?

This course will have 16 information filled videos which will help you understand how breast cancer affects the body and what can be done to manage it. Breast cancer is a difficult disease to manage therefore we will provide you with some basic terminologies related to breast cancer, recommended diet, exercise, and some positive affirmations that will keep you motivated to live a positive life.