Learning To Conquer
Breast Cancer

  • 16 Videos / (6-10 Hrs)
  • 1. Let's Get Started
  • 2. Understanding  Breast Cancer: Terminologies, Anatomy & Risk Factors
  • 3. Understanding  Breast Cancer: Prevention, Signs & Symptoms
  • 4. Breast Cancer: Progression & Diagnosis
  • 5. Conventional Breast Cancer Treatments
  • 6. Side Effects of Conventional Breast Cancer Treatments
  • 7. Complementary & Alternative Medicine to Treat Breast Cancer
  • 8. Lifestyle Changes With Breast Cancer
  • 9. Managing Expectations
  • 10. Stress Management
  • 11. Keys To Communication
  • 12. Encouragement, Motivation & Solace
  • 13. Caregiver's Guide - Part 1
  • 15. Workplace Laws
  • 16. Life After Breast Cancer

Not Sure How You'd Use Abudo's Breast Cancer Education Platform? 

Tell Us Your Goals, And We'll Show You What You Will Get From The Abudo Platform

  • Wish to stop your cancer from progressing to next stage? We got you covered.
  • Wondering whether you need breast cancer screening? We have the guide! 
  • Afraid of of radio or chemo complications? We’ll educate you on treatment options.

  • Wishing to understand what having breast cancer may cost you? 

  • Stressed about how to manage health with a regular lifestyle? We have authentic patient education for Breast Cancer! 

  • Not sure how you will continue your job? We have an answer for that too!

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  • Authentic information researched by doctors and medical researchers
  • Easy to understand program, providing in-depth Breast Cancer education to patients and caregivers
  • Everything organized in one user friendly interface
  • Round the clock customer support team
  • Customized tools to meet all your patient education for breast cancer needs

Abudo’s platform will give you the best patient education for Breast Cancer fighters to assist in winning your battle with breast cancer.

What Will I Get With Abudo's 
Breast Cancer Program?

You will unlock access to ALL PROGRAMS! Yes, not only Breast Cancer but ALL programs.

Each program contains 16 video lectures, multiple tools and guides!

Here's a list of some tools that you will receive with Abudo's online Breast Cancer education program

  • Heart Health Screening Guide
  • Living Better With Positive Affirmations
  • Foods That Help Fight Breast Cancer
  • Self-Examination Guide 
  • How to Detect Breast Cancer At Early Stages 
  • Exercising With Breast Cancer
  • Budget Planner

What are compassionate conversations? 

Compassionate conversations is a top-notch technology developed by Abudo to help you practice conversations that are crucial for patient education for breast cancer but are otherwise difficult to make. With this technology, you can also strengthen your self-confidence by reaffirming yourself with positive statements.

And Get Limited Access to the most authentic patient education for Breast Cancer Program. 

Guess what? You will also get access to all other health-related and life-based programs you can use for yourself and your loved ones. 

Is This Program ONLY For People Suffering From Breast Cancer? 

Abudo's platform has something for everybody. So, NO! This program is NOT ONLY for patients!

I Am A Family Member Or A Friend Of Someone With Breast Cancer

Apart from patient education, Abudo’s online program on Breast Cancer empowers caregivers to understand what the patient is going through, empowering you to give them the physical and emotional support they need!

P.s: Abudo offers value adding guidelines on how to stop metastasis, disease progression and complications of breast cancer, enabling caregivers to help the patient improve lifestyle and fight breast cancer.

We Are A Company And Want The Best For All Our Employees

Abudo's Online Patient Education for Breast Cancer Program enables employers to understand what the disease is and what reasonable accommodations they need to make at the workplace to ensure protection against any legal consequences. This program can also be used to educate employees about Breast Cancer to show concern and advocate the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which can reduce the number of days off and transform your employees to happier employees.

Take Word Of Our Community!

I was devastated the moment I got diagnosed with breast cancer. I was breaking down and did not know how to put my life back together. I found Abudo and with it, I got the key to rebuilding strength. I learnt 3 survival mechanisms with Abudo: Positive Affirmations, Eating Healthy and Exercising and Having Faith! I say positive affirmations everyday nine times a day because it sticks in your head. Endless good comes to me in endless ways. You have to eat healthy and take control of your mind and body. I changed my thoughts and attitude, which changed my life. Change your diet and make changes for the better because your body is your temple. And of course, NEVER LOSE HOPE. Abudo helped me learn that. 

Freya M.

After finding lumps in my right breast and lymph node area, I was diagnosed with stage three triple-negative breast cancer. This was a tremendous shock. My friend recommended me Abudo’s Breast Cancer Program and guess what I was able to choose the best for myself through this platform. To fight my very aggressive, very high-risk cancer, I immediately began five months of intense chemotherapy, followed by two surgeries and six weeks of radiation. Currently, there is no targeted therapy for triple-negative breast cancer, which made my diagnosis especially daunting. BUT I fought it, only through the support Abudo had encouraged me to get.

Brenda C.

I am currently going through treatment for my breast cancer.  I have invasive ductal Carcinoma, stage one, grade 3. I was going for a follow up mammogram for my left breast when the technician found a lump on my right side. One thing I would say to other women going through breast cancer is that it is not a death sentence which Abudo helped me realize. None of the doctors could ever make me understand how treatment options work. With Abudo of course, I had valuable insight and that really turned my life around.

Margaret L.

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