Learning To Conquer
Skin Cancer

  • 16 Videos / (6-10 Hrs)
  • 1. Getting Started
  • 2. Understanding Skin Cancer
  • 3. Diagnosing Skin Cancer
  • 4. Treating Skin Cancer
  • 5. Nutrition
  • 6. Physical Activity
  • 7. Living With Skin Cancer
  • 8. Technologies For Skin Cancer Patients
  • 9. Stress Management
  • 10. Keys To Communication
  • 11. Finding Support & Inspiration
  • 12. Power Of The Mind
  • 13. Caregiver's Guide - Part 1
  • 14. Caregiver's Guide - Part 2
  • 15. Employer's and Coworkers Guide: Employment & Workplace Accommodations
  • 16. Recap

Not Sure How You'd Use Abudo's
Skin Cancer Education Platform? 

Tell Us Your Goals, And We'll Show You What You Will Get From The Abudo Platform

  • Wish to stop your cancer from progressing to the next stage? We have authentic skin cancer education for you to make use of.
  • Wondering whether you can ever see the sun after skin cancer diagnosis? We have the answer! 
  • Fearing compromised intimacy and family life after skin cancer diagnosis? We got you covered with our skin cancer education. 

  • Worried about managing finances? Worry no more with us

  • Depressed because of your disease? We have positive affirmations to help you strengthen your mind. 

  • Not sure what should be your treatment plan? We have that too! 

Try Abudo's Online Course On Skin Cancer Education

(Includes access to all other programs too)

Cancel or withdraw at anytime, no charges.

  • Authentic skin cancer education; researched by doctors and medical researchers
  • Easy to understand program, providing in-depth health education for skin cancer to patients and caregivers
  • Everything organized in a user friendly interface for a helpful skin cancer education experience
  • Round the clock customer support team
  • Customized tools to meet all your needs

Abudo’s platform will give you everything you need to ensure winning your battle against skin cancer!

What Will I Get With Abudo's
Skin Cancer Education Program?

You will unlock access to ALL PROGRAMS! Yes, not only Skin Cancer but ALL programs. Each program contains 16 video lectures, multiple tools and useful guides!

Here's a list of some tools that you will receive with Abudo's online Skin Cancer Education program

  • Skin Type Cancer Risk Assessment
  • Meal Planning with Vitamin B17 Rich Foods
  • Watch Out: Sites Where Skin Cancer Begins

  • Skin Cancer Glossary 
  • Summer Sun Safety Tips
  • Spoon Theory
  • Self Examination Guide

What are compassionate conversations? 

Compassionate conversations is a top-notch technology developed by Abudo to help you practice conversations that are otherwise difficult to make. With this technology, you can also strengthen your self-confidence by reaffirming yourself with positive statements.

And Get Limited Access to the most powerful Skin Cancer Education Program. 

   Guess what? You will also get access to all other health-related and life-based programs you can use for yourself and your loved ones. 

Is This Program ONLY For People Suffering From Skin Cancer? 

Abudo's platform has something for everybody. So, NO! This program is NOT ONLY for patients!

I Am A Family Member Or A Friend Of Someone With Skin Cancer

Abudo’s online program on Skin Cancer empowers you as a caregiver to get skin cancer education and understand what the patient is going through, enabling you to give them the physical and emotional support they need!

P.s: Managing Skin Cancer can be physically exhausting and emotionally draining. With Abudo, you as a caregiver can learn about this disease and help your loved one in managing it, showing that you truly care.

We Are A Company And Want The Best For All Our Employees

Abudo's Online Skin Cancer Program enables employers to understand what it is and what reasonable accommodations need to be made for employees suffering from Skin Cancer. This program can also be used to educate healthy  employees about precautionary measures showing them the company’s concern about the importance of an employee’s health, which can reduce the number of days off they take and transform your employees to happier employees.


Take Word Of Our Community

I was stage 4 melanoma by the time I made it to Abudo’s platform and found their program on Skin Cancer. I was a hopeless case, but I'm still alive, happy and on the go. It is not just my doctors who treated me but Abudo that gave me my strength back that I am able to call myself a survivor. I am grateful for the very supportive Skin Cancer tools that Abudo offered, and beyond grateful for the guidance I got from Abudo! 

Sophie Abris

My mother was diagnosed with Skin Cancer and I couldn't be more devastated. I had very little idea about how to cope up with it, look after my younger siblings while she had her chemo and how to manage my sick mother in the hospital. I came across Abudo’s platform while searching for support groups. The program on Skin Cancer empowered me to take charge and manage everything by first understanding the disease my mother had and then understanding my role as a caregiver. 

Neil Christopher

After my surgery, I was not sure how to get back on track, switch to a healthy lifestyle and keep my cancer from relapsing.  My last scan was a few weeks ago and was all clear. Just then, my oncologist recommended me the Abudo’s online program on Skin Cancer. I don’t think I could have ever jumped to a more healthy lifestyle in such a short time. I have understood my risks of complications, I know what is right and wrong for me and I have so many resources to rely on. This program has helped me recover.

Andrew Christian

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