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Our Online Course On Child Care For The First 12 Months After Birth Will Be Available By March 2019.

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Child care is a tiring process and is mostly considered to be an important aspect of life after the arrival of a newborn. With first 12 months of the baby being crucial for the parents, family and the newborn itself; lifestyle adjustment for the entire family can change the dynamics of a house. However, the importance of caregiving can be understood by the fact that your child will grow and learn more in their first 12 months than at any other time of their life. This is a period where they begin to make connections to the world around them. Some weeks you may see amazing changes and some weeks none. During this period you have the opportunity to get advice and review your baby's health and development. This course will offer an extensive account on how to care for a 0-12 months old baby, what to expect and how to manage parenthood all the while making a few changes in your life.

Who is this course for?

This is a practical course, primarily designed for new parents. When it comes to caring for a child, friends and family members can play a huge role in providing support to the couple, which is why we offer a caregiving section in this course to enable them to help their loved one.

How much will it cost?

Our basic membership starts at $15 per month.
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What’s included in this course?

This course will have 16 information filled videos which will help you understand how child care is important and what can be done to offer the child with the best care possible. You will also get guides and checklists you can use to make positive lifestyle changes for the growth and development of your baby. Post-maternity child care is an entire discipline to understand so in order to strengthen your mental health, ensure physical well-being and be able to give the kind of care the child needs, you will also get some positive affirmations that you can practice online, foods that are great for brain health and exercises that can help raise your child well.