Online Course On
Childcare 0-12 Months

  • 1. Getting Started
  • 2. Month 1: Feed, Sleep, Grow
  • 3. Month 2: Things Become Clear
  • 4. Month 3: Back To Work
  • 5. Month 4: Growing So Fast
  • 6. Month 5: Keeping Infections At Bay
  • 7. Month 6: The Half Year
  • 8. Month 7: Creep, Scoot, Roll and Crawl
  • 9. Month 8: Growth Concerns
  • 10. Month 9: Fussy Baby
  • 11. Month 10: Manners Come First
  • 12. Month 11: All Grown Up
  • 13. Month 12: Happy Birthday
  • 14. Skill Development
  • 15. Summer Or Winter - Let's Do It Better
  • 16. Taking Care Of A Sick Baby

Worried About NOT Being The Best Parent To Your Newborn?

Share Your Childcare 0-12 Months Goals With Us, And We'll Show You What You Will Get From The Abudo Platform

  • Wish to learn about your baby’s mental and physical development? We know the right ways!
  • Need help with breastfeeding?  We have the perfect newborn care guidelines. 
  • Not sure how to baby proof your house?
  • Wish to schedule your baby's sleep?
  • Tired of co-sleeping or afraid of missing a vaccination?

  • Need support to deal with separation anxiety? We have that too!

Try Abudo's Childcare Program For Free

(Includes access to all newborn care guidelines + ALL other programs too)

Cancel or withdraw your newborn care guidelines course at anytime, no charges.

  • Authentic information researched by doctors and medical researchers
  • Easy to understand program, providing in-depth information to all child care related queries
  • Everything organized in one userf friendly interface
  • Round the clock customer support team
  • Customized tools to meet all your needs of newborn care guidelines

Abudo’s platform will give you everything you need while parenting a newborn to ensure that you and your baby are happy and healthy!

What Will I Get With Abudo's Childcare 0-12 Months Program?

You will unlock access to ALL PROGRAMS! Yes, not only Childcare 0-12 Months but ALL programs. Each program contains 16 video lectures, multiple tools and parenting guides!

Here's a list of some tools that you will receive with Abudo's online Childcare program

  • Breastfeeding Tracker
  • Meal Planning with Newborn Care Guidelines
  • Car Essentials Guide for New Parents
  • Monthly Baby Milestones
  • Baby Proofing Checklist
  • Immunization Schedules and Vaccination Guide
  • Budget Planner

How do tools help new parents care for their 0-12 months old?

Abudo’s tools are top-notch informative resources. They help in effective parenting by guiding you to avoid newborn parenting pitfalls, neglect and overindulgence. With quick checklists and meaningful guides, Abudo’s tools prepare you to raise your child right!

And Get Limited Access to the most powerful Childcare Program.

Guess what? You will also get access to all other health-related and life-based programs you can use for yourself and your loved ones.

Is This Program ONLY For First Time Parents? 

Abudo's platform has something for everybody. So, NO! This program is NOT ONLY for First Time Parents!

Whether you’re a first time parent or an experienced parent, this program is the perfect pick for you to learn the basics of child care, primarily to prepare you for this journey that’s full of surprises.

It's for ALL parents!

Abudo’s online program on Childcare 0-12 Months empowers family and friends too. It helps in understanding the parenting process, enabling them to be there for physical and emotional support of the new parents!

P.s Raising a Child is not an easy task! Parents always need the support of friends and family to do it right!

We Are A Company And Want The Best For All Our Parent-Employees

Abudo's Online Childcare 0-12 months Program enables employers to understand how important maternal and paternal leaves are, especially because the childcare process requires much effort to be done the best way possible.  Employers can gift this course to their employees expecting a baby, which can be a good way to show concern and ensure employee retention to due satisfaction

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We have gone through 3 miscarriages and Silvia was my precious pregnancy. The thought of not being a good parent to her was one of the major reasons I was going into postpartum depression and that led me to neglecting my child. After a thorough consultation with my boyfriend, I decided to take Abudo’s newborn care guidelines offered in Childcare program. With Abudo, I was able to become the mother I wanted to be to my daughter. I was able to learn the basics of childcare, while also realizing what I was doing wrong. Not only did Abudo help me understand how to manage a newborn but also empowered me to accept challenging situations and overcome the hurdles that misconceptions about childcare posed at me 


Being a parent is one of the most demanding jobs of the world. And to be a young, struggling parent is the toughest. We became pregnant before we could even pay for our bills. As parents, we did not know the many joys, experiences (and sometimes frustrations!) that were going to come our way with our child’s rapidly changing behaviors, skills, and feelings. That's when we heard about Abudo and it’s childcare program. It helped us understand about our child’s development and how to cope with it. Today, we’re happy parents of two and we couldn't have decided to conceive again if it wasn’t for Abudo’s support and guide 

Mike & Nina Smith

When I became a new father, I literally left no stone upturned in trying to find the right ways to look after my child. Surprising though, each source had a different method, a new theory or an altered timeline. This was obviously very confusing to me. What to follow, what not to follow was all that kept going through my mind. That's when I stumbled upon Abudo, I enrolled in the free trial ans the moment i logged in the portal, I was literally blown away! It had a user friendly interface, took barely 2 minutes to understand and navigate through the portal. They had everything I needed. They had guides, checklists, positive affirmations and most of all a month by month video guide which was prepared by doctors and medical researchers.  


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