Online Course On

  • 16 Videos / (6-10 Hrs)
  • 2. Digging Deeper!
  • 3. Understanding the Vicious Cycle of Depression
  • 4. Depression and Society
  • 5. Treatment
  • 6. Alternatives to Conventional Treatment
  • 7. Changing for the Better
  • 8. Role of Social Media
  • 9. Living with Depression
  • 10. Quality of Life
  • 11. Relationships of the Depressed
  • 12. Mending Things
  • 13. Depression & Suicide
  • 14. Finding Motivation
  • 15. Caring for the Depressed
  • 16. Depression and Employment

Not Sure How You'd Use Abudo's Depression Platform?

Tell Abudo What You Are Going Through, And Abudo Will Help You Find A Silver Lining!

  • Finding the motivation to make it through those low days? We have ways to help you.
  • Have social anxiety and feel like isolating yourself? Our depression course online has compassionate conversations to help you through it!
  • Afraid of being misunderstood? We understand you.
  • Battling self-destructive thoughts and looking down upon yourself? We will help you cope.
  • Unable to keep or manage relationships? We have what you need!

  • Not sure how to fight depression? We have that too!

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  • Authentic patient education for depression by psychologist and medical researchers
  • Easy to understand patient education for depression, providing in-depth information to all mental health queries
  • Everything organized in one user-friendly interface to aid mental health education
  • Round the clock customer support team for prompt patient education for depression
  • Customized tools to help you overcome depression

Abudo’s platform will give you the motivation, strength and reason to win over depression and help improve mental health to live better.

What Will I Get With Abudo's Depression Program?

You will unlock access to ALL PROGRAMS! Yes, not only Depression but ALL programs. Each program contains 16 video lectures, multiple tools and compassionate conversations!

Here's a list of some tools that you will receive with Abudo's online Depression program to help you out of it.

  • Routine Planner & Mood Chart
  • Burn’s Depression Checklist to Look for Symptoms
  • Mindfulness Basics to Battle Depression
  • Self-Care Chart
  • Stress Management
  • Breathing Exercises to Relieve Stress
  • Keys to Communicating About Depression

What are compassionate conversations?

Compassionate conversations is a top-notch technology developed by Abudo to help Depression patients to practice conversations that are otherwise difficult to make but are critical in patient education for depression. With this technology, you can bring positivity amid the hard time you are going through and gain confidence by reaffirming yourself with positive statements.

And Get Limited Access to the most powerful Depression Program.

Guess what? You will also get access to all other health-related and life-based programs you can use for yourself and your loved ones.

Is This Program 
ONLY For People Suffering From Depression? 

Abudo's patient education for depression platform has something for everybody. So, NO! This program is NOT ONLY Patients!

I Am A Family Member Or A Friend Of Someone With Depression

Abudo’s online program on Depression empowers you as a caregiver to understand what the patient is going through, enabling you to give them the physical and emotional support they need to help them out of the dark hour!

P.s Depression is a very underestimated mental illness which is also sometimes considered a taboo to be talked about. Despite widespread awareness, depressed individuals still feel uncomfortable talking about their condition. Learning about depression may help save many precious lives.

We Are A Company And Want The Best For All Our Parent-Employees

Abudo's Online Depression Program enables employers to understand what it is and reasonable accommodations need to be made to help employees with Depression. This program can also be used to educate healthy employees about Depression to break the stigma and show them the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which can reduce the number of days off and transform your employees to happier employees.

Take word of our community!

For the first time in a LONG time or better yet, the first time in my whole life, I feel like I’m in charge of my life, and can make a difference for the better. Abudo's amazing patient education for depression is to be given credit for this. I wasn’t ready to even talk about my depression but now, after taking the course, I’m filled with a new-found hope that I can be truly happy. I have also found the “Positive Affirmations and Communication with Family” very helpful for my relationships. Being passive doesn’t help anyone, and the things taught have really helped me to get things right in my head. I’m looking forward to putting everything Abudo guided me about into practice and then coming back to thank them.

Alicia Marmen

I have been suffering from stress and depression for a long time, and have visited many doctors and psychiatrists in the past few years. Finally, a friend recommended Abudo’s patient education for depression depression. The program was really good, especially in helping me understand the vicious cycle of depression that I had myself in. I’ve learnt skills, such as reducing negative thinking and doing at least one pleasurable activity a day. I have been practising these skills every day since I learnt them. The good thing is I can log in to the course anytime when I need and it gives me access to other wellness courses too. This really helps when I feel low moods or negative thoughts. Now, I am able to do most of my plans, and am doing more activities gradually.

Conner Murray

When I went to my doctor and told her how I was feeling, the diagnosis about having ‘Depression’ was not what I was expecting to hear. I thought I was just generally having bad thoughts but when she told me I could get self-destructive, I freaked out. I’ve most likely been depressed for some time, but I could finally see it, and was willing do anything to stop feeling so low. As the weeks have gone by since then, I have taken the pressure off myself through this course. mY doctor recommended it to me. She said Abudo's depression course online is like a friend, ttor, support and helper at home. And I couldn’t agree more. WIth so much positivity delivered by Abudo, I have become much better. Thank you Abudo for having a way to help people at home.

Cecelia Roger

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