16 Videos / (6-10 Hrs)

  • 3. Introduction To Maternity - Part 2

  • 4. Evolution Of The Fetus

  • 5. Being Pregnant With Pre-Existing Conditions

  • 6. Physical Activity And Sleep

  • 7. Diet and Nutrition

  • 8. Managing Mental Wellbeing

  • 9. Body Changes

  • 10. Personal Care Recommendations During Pregnancy

  • 11. Work And Travel

  • 12. Recommendations For A Healthy Pregnancy

  • 13. Planning Your Delivery

  • 14. Leading To The Delivery Day

  • 15. Gearing Up For Delivery

  • 16. Welcome To The World, Little One

  • Effort Involved6-10 Hrs

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About this course

Maternity is a beautiful journey for every mother. In an attempt to have a safe pregnancy and healthy child, pregnant women around the world depend on online search engines to solve queries. Sadly though, most of these online forums do not have any scientific backing. Abudo, through its maternity online education aims to provide a well rounded and a thoroughly researched course to pregnant women and their families. As per data from 2017, approximately 300,000 women die each year due to a complication during either pregnancy, or childbirth. We at Abudo aim to make this journey safe and memorable for you and your family by providing scientifically backed information.

Who is this for?


  • Understand what your loved one is going through by learning about Maternity

  • Encourage your loved one to get the right treatment

  • Learn how it is transmitted & how to protect yourself

  • Support and motivate your loved one through our caregiving guidelines


  • Show that you care by learning what Maternity is, and isn't

  • Help your friend manage stress and overcome negative emotions like stress or anger

  • Learn how you can offer specific, practical support

  • Encourage your friend to get the right treatment


  • Avoid costly and complex lawsuits by educating your HR department about Maternity

  • Have the right procedures and policies to support employees with Maternity at workplace

  • Make the right modifications to a persons job role or work environmen

  • Create flexible working solutions that benefit for both employees and organization

Course outline

Here is what you will learn form this course!

Understand Maternity

Maternity is a long and tiresome period that a woman undergoes to bring a child to life. This course will help you understand the ins and outs of maternity including how it impact your body, how the baby develops and what you can do to keep the fetus healthy.

Symptoms And Remedies

Maternity for every woman is different. What one woman faces, another might never. Through this course, we will provide an array of symptoms ranging from nausea to restless leg syndrome along with quick remedies to make your journey comfortable.

Common Misconceptions

Maternity has been surrounded with a number of misconceptions. Most of these have no scientific backing! Trust us, you don’t have to “eat for two” to have a healthy child. In this course we’ll help differentiating fact from fiction for your safety.

Delivery Options

While planning for your delivery, it's important to know your options. This course will lay out all alternates along with pros and cons of each. These options will include the type of birth you want and the type of medical help you may want.

Avoiding Complications

As beautiful as this journey may be, a mother needs just as much care and attention to avoid any complications. This course will emphasize on what body changes are normal and when you may need to rush to an emergency.

Lifestyle Changes

For expecting women and women who have delivered, certain lifestyle changes are important to ensure safety of the mother and of the child too. In this course, we will talk. how diet, exercise and quitting bad habits such as smoking can help keep you and the baby safe.

Work And Travel

Women tend to be worried about how pregnancy will affect their work efficiency and vice versa. This course will provide insight to women on laws that protect their jobs during and after maternity. Inn this course we will also talk about certain precautions that you need to take to travel around the world

Managing Stress

During pregnancy, a woman’s body has an excess of hormones which may cause the expecting mother undue emotional rush. To top it all, body changes occuring in the woman’s body during pregnancy may push her to her limits. This is when the woman needs to know how to manage stress, the most.

Evolution of The Fetus

This course will help you understand how the fusion of sperm and egg initiates development of a child. Furthermore, in this online education, we will take you on a journey through the evolution of fetus and the delivery of a fully developed child.

Planning For The Delivery Day

Planning for the delivery date is one of the most stressful and confusing times, especially for first time parents. This course will help walk you through the delivery day smoothly by giving guidelines on delivery plan, packing your bags and even babyproofing your house!

Caregiving Guidelines

Research has suggested that the support from family and friends has a huge impact on how well a patient takes cares of their own health. Some other studies have shown that patients with a strong social support are more likely to stick to their recommended treatment plan.

This course is not just for patients but their friends and family members as well. This course enables friends and family members to know how they can help their loved one in in keeping their blood pressure under control, taking the right precautions to prevent health complications and support them in making the right lifestyle changes.

Practical Guides & Checklists

In addition to the online course on maternity, you will also get guides and checklists which will help you maintain an fun and active healthy lifestyle, even while pregnant!

  • Maternity Glossary

  • Pregnancy Related Misconceptions

  • Travelling Tips For Expecting Mothers

  • Hospital Bag Checklist

  • Sex Positions For Pregnancy

  • Apps For Expecting Mothers

  • Spoon Theory

  • Daily Pregnancy Checklist

  • Labor Boot Camp

  • How To Quit Smoking

  • Positive Affirmations For Diabetics

  • Blood Pressure Log Sheet

  • Healthy Eating For Pregnant Women With Diabetes

  • Healthy Food For Pregnant Women

  • How Big Is Your Baby?

  • Blood Pressure Log Sheet

  • Prepping For The Baby

  • Flight Regulations For Pregnant Women

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