Learning to Conquer

  • 16 Videos / (6-10 Hrs)
  • 1. Introduction To Maternity - Part 1
  • 2. Introduction To Maternity - Part 2
  • 3. The Evolution Of The Fetus
  • 4. Pregnancy With Pre-Existing Conditions
  • 5. Physical & Mental Wellbeing
  • 6. Eating Better
  • 7. Managing Mental Well Being
  • 8. Body Changes
  • 9. Lifestyle Changes
  • 10. Work & Travel
  • 11. Recommendations For A Healthy Pregnancy
  • 12. Planning For Delivery
  • 13. Preparing For Delivery Day
  • 14. Leading To The Delivery Day
  • 15. Gearing Up For Delivery
  • 16. Welcome To The World

Not Sure How Abudo's Maternity Platform Will Help You?

Tell Us Your Goals, And ​​​​We'll Show You What You Will Get From The Abudo Platform

  • Tired of nausea, fatigue and body aches? We have the best antenatal care guidelines to help you!
  • Confused about birthing options and methods? We will help you choose.
  • Wish to understand week by week development of your child?
  • Looking for exercises that will make your delivery smooth?
  • Scared of being judged or being a bad parent? We have positive affirmations to strengthen your mind.
  • Looking for baby shower ideas? We will help make it fun :)
  • Want to eliminate all fears related to maternity? Gear up with us!

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  • Authentic health education for pregnant mother; researched by doctors and medical researchers 
  • Easy to understand program, providing in-depth antenatal care guidelines for expecting mothers
  • Everything organized in one user friendly interface to aid health education during pregnancy 
  • Round the clock customer support team for antenatal care guidelines 
  • Customized tools to meet standards of health education during pregnancy 

Abudo gives you everything you need to know right from conception to welcoming the little one in your life (includes 0-12 child care course too)

What Will I Get With Abudo's
Maternity Program?

You will unlock access to ALL PROGRAMS! Yes, not only Maternity, but ALL programs.

Here's a list of some tools that you will receive with Abudo's health education program

  • Pregnancy-Related Misconceptions
  • Travelling Tips For Pregnant Women
  • Positive Affirmations For Expecting Mothers
  • Sex Positions For Pregnant Couples
  • Prepping For The Baby
  • Blood Pressure Log Sheet
  • Hospital Bag Checklist for Pregnant Mother
  • Notable Apps For Expecting Mothers growth

What are compassionate conversations?​

Compassionate conversations is a top-notch technology developed by Abudo to help you practice conversations that are otherwise difficult to make. With this technology, you can also strengthen your self confidence by reaffirming yourself with positive statements.

And Get Limited Access to the most powerful Maternity Program.

Guess what? You will also get access to all other health-related and life-based programs you can use for yourself and your loved ones and your loved ones.

IS This Program ONLY For
 Expecting Mothers?

Abudo's platform has something for everybody. So, NO! This program is NOT ONLY for Expecting Mothers!


I Am A Family Member Or A Friend Of An Expecting Mother

With Abudo's Online Program on Maternity, you can understand all the antenatal care guidelines, know what an expecting mother feels, how her body changes and how YOU as a caregiver can provide support to her for a healthy term. Basically health education for pregnant mother. 

P.s If you are a spouse of an expecting mother, trust me you'll get brownie points for making this effort!


We Are A Company And Want The Best For Our Upcoming Mothers

Abudo's Online Maternity Program enables employers to understand the needs of expecting mothers. This program can also be used to educate pregnant employees about having a healthy term, which reduces days off and transforms your employee to a happier employee.

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I love how this course is inclusive. Expecting mothers, partners, family and friends - absolutely anyone can take this course. This course should be made compulsory for everyone around a pregnant woman so they understand that pregnancy is not as easy as it may sound and that pregnant women need loads of support and care for their safety.

Emily Brady

When I heard that my girlfriend is pregnant, I was excited, yet so terrified. I just didn’t understand the implications it would have on my girlfriend and the type of support she’d want from me. Thanks to Abudo, I got to learn all about pregnancy in a fun, engaging way.

Victor Walker

Being a first time expecting mother, I have been rampaging through book after another, app after another and what now. Abudo’s online course is comprehensive and credible. What I love most about this course is how it makes pregnancy a fun little thing. Watching the online lectures made me excited about my motherhood once again.

Laura Nalley

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