16 Videos / (6-10 Hrs)

  • 3. What is HIV?

  • 4. HIV Progression & Diagnosis

  • 5. Prevention & Treatment

  • 6. Eating Healthy

  • 7. Get Some Exercise

  • 8. Lifestyle Changes

  • 9. Managing Your Expectations

  • 10. Stress Management

  • 11. Communicating With Friends & Family

  • 12. Encouragement, Motivation, & Solace

  • 13. Power of Mind

  • 14. Caregiving For Friends & Family Members - Part 1

  • 15. Caregiving For Friends & Family Members - Part 2

  • 16. HIV & Workplace

  • 17. Recap

  • Effort Involved6-10 Hrs

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About this course

HIV & AIDS are one of the most stigmatized illnesses in the world. It’s not easy to accept that you or your loved one has this disease but HIV & AIDS isn’t what it once was. Through advancements in medicine, you can now live a long and happy life, even with HIV. Through this course, we will help you understand what HIV is, its impact on your health, what you and your family members need to know about it, and how you can live a better life despite being HIV positive.

Who is this for?

ForFamily Members

  • Understand what your loved one is going through by learning about HIV / AIDS

  • Encourage your loved one to get the right treatment

  • Learn how it is transmitted & how to protect yourself

  • Support and motivate your loved one through our caregiving guidelines


  • Show that you care by learning what HIV is and what it isn't

  • Help your friend manage stress and overcome negative emotions like stress or anger

  • Learn how you can offer specific, practical support

  • Encourage your friend to get the right treatment


  • Avoid costly and complex lawsuits by educating your HR department about HIV / AIDS

  • Have the right procedures and policies to support employees with HIV at workplace

  • Make the right modifications to a person’s job role or work environment

  • Create flexible working solutions that benefit for both

Course outline

Here is what you will learn from this course!

Understand the Illness

Understanding HIV and AIDS is the first step towards managing it.This course will help you understand what HIV and AIDS are, how this illness impacts your body, and what you can do to live a happy and fulfilling life with it.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Did you know that 40% people who have HIV don’t even know that they have it? In this course, you will learn about symptoms associated with this disease and how it’s diagnosed.

Common Misconceptions

It’s important for both you and your family to see HIV and AIDS for what they are and not what misconceptions have made them out to be. You will learn how some of the things you hear about HIV and AIDS are so not true.

Treatment Options

As an HIV patient, you need to know how you can keep your immune system strong and your CD4 count up. Through this course, you will learn both conventional and alternative treatment options which can help you do that.

Avoiding Complications

One of the most important things that you can do for HIV patients is taking certain precautions to protect them from opportunistic infections and other illnesses. Through this course, you will learn about these complications and how to avoid them.

Lifestyle Changes

Making the right lifestyle choices is just as important for HIV patients as taking their medications. In this course, we will talk about how different diet plans and exercises can help you keep your immune system strong.

Keeping Your Relationship Healthy

HIV can complicate the relationship dynamics in a family. In this course, we will talk about how HIV spreads and doesn’t spread, what you can do to protect your loved ones, and keep your relationship healthy.

Managing Stress

Living with the knowledge that you have a potentially fatal disease isn’t easy and can be quite stressful. In this course, you will learn how you can manage your stress through meditation, exercise, and by rewiring your brain with positive affirmations.

HIV / AIDS & Workplace

There is a lot of stigma associated with HIV / AIDS and unfortunately sometimes it can result in a bad workplace environment. In this course, we will talk about a few things you can do to stay productive at workplace and protect yourself from discrimination.

Success Stories

It’s never over till it’s over. HIV patients who get treatment at the right time have life expectancies equal to or even higher than the US general population. In this course, we will give you the inspiration you need to stay strong through HIV Success Stories.

Caregiving Guidelines
For People Who Care!

Research has suggested that the support from family and friends has a huge impact on how well patients take care of their own health. Some other studies have shown that patients with a strong social support are more likely to stick to their recommended treatment plan.

This course is not just for patients but their friends and family members as well so they know how they can help their loved one in keeping their immune system strong, taking the right precautions to prevent health complications, and support them in making the right lifestyle changes.

Practical Guides & Checklists
For Better Healthcare

In addition to the online course on diabetes, you will also get guides and checklists which will help you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, even with HIV / AIDS!

  • HIV/AIDS Glossary

  • Food Recipes for a HIV+ to Enjoy

  • Meal Planning

  • Travelling With HIV

  • Positive Affirmations for HIV+

  • What Does Your CD4 Count Say

  • Will This Spread HIV?

  • How HIV Tests Work

  • Enjoy to "Posters for Inspiration"

  • Common Symptoms of HIV

  • Budget Planner

  • Workout Plan

  • The Traveller's Checklist

  • Sample Living Will Form

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