What’s Abudo

Abudo is an online healthcare platform which helps patients better manage their disease by educating them and giving them the guidance they need to adopt a more healthy lifestyle. We provide structured education about various diseases through online courses which help patients understand what the disease is, how it impacts their body, conventional and non-conventional treatment options, as well as how can they manage it through the right lifestyle changes.

The problem we solve

Living with a disease isn’t easy and it becomes even more difficult if you have limited information about your illness. Doctors play an important role in the patient’s treatment but it’s impossible for them to answer all of their questions within the short timeframe of an appointment. In the end, the patients and their families have to rely on the scattered information on internet with questionable validity. There is no structured healthcare education available for the families of the patients which can teach them about the disease, its symptoms, progression, and the important role they can play in managing the health of the patient. Because of this reason, chronic diseases have become a leading cause of death and disability in the United States.

The SolutionWe Provide

Learning as much as you can about your diagnosis is the first step towards taking control of your life and making the right decisions for a better life. Abudo exists to do that by providing quality health education to patients across the globe so they can learn about their illness and adopt a more healthier lifestyle. Each course also has a section for friends and family members as they play a crucial role in managing the health of the patients. In addition to that, Abudo provides online healthcare management tools which patients and their families can download and use to better manage their health.

Unbiased Course Content

Unlike a lot of healthcare organizations, the courses provided by Abudo are 100% unbiased. We do not promote anything related to healthcare on anyone’s request. Our courses are designed for the sole purpose of helping patients and their families understand and manage their illness. You won’t see any ads of other products or services on this platform

It Costs Less Than A PremiumIce Cream Tub

The most important thing in this life aren’t houses, our belonging, a yacht or a sports car. It’s you and your loved ones. Abudo is for people who care, about themselves, their family members and their friends. You can start learning about a disease for just $15, which is half of what it would cost you for a tub of premium ice cream!

Guides And Checklists For Your Well-Being

In addition to course videos, Abudo also provides tools which patients and their family members can use every day to manage their disease. A diabetic, for example, will have access to Blood Glucose Log Sheet and a Weekly Meal Plan for Diabetics, along with numerous other tools. Each course comes with its own toolset that you can download from Abudo’s platform.

Empowering Families For TheRight Lifestyle

Abudo does much more than just educating about a disease. It provides patients with a way of life which can help better manage an illness. Each course includes caregiving guidelines which friends and family members of a patient can use to not only add more years to the patient’s life but also more life to their years

Positive Outcomes Through Positive Mindset

We understand that each illness comes with its own set of problems and staying strong mentally is just as important as staying physically fit. That’s why each course includes carefully curated positive affirmations that you can practice to think positive and stay focused on living a better life.