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The secret to winning over diabetes isn't found in a pill, it is found in the balance of eating healthy and exercising!!

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There are no vacations from diabetes. When you have diabetes, your daily to-do list can seem like a lot. Even the most diligent people can’t keep their blood sugar, diet or physical activity on point all the time. You fight the good fight! You track your blood sugar, take your medicine, watch your diet, and exercise, yet feel overwhelmed and burned out by fluctuating A1C. This is because you need someone to guide you right.

Let Abudo be the commander in chief and help you win the battle against Diabetes with the right set of guidelines.

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Get quick tips on watching what you eat: count your carbs, get your summer and winter ready diet plans ready and know how to live better with this Diabetes.


Learn to cope with elevated or dropped levels of blood sugar through quick and easy Diabecipes.


Forget the monotonous Diabetes routine and get the alternatives to making lunch time fun.


Know your numbers and keep your A1C in check without running to the doctor back and forth.

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