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You might feel silly as a new parent to ask the questions for your newborn's well being. Don't worry! We have the best team of pediatricians, researchers and writers to answer your top newborn baby-care questions. Are you ready to get your top queries answered?

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Taking care of a baby is no walk in the park. It is a job that requires serious dedication and responsibility. PARENTING IS A SCIENCE, and as a new-parent, anything small can be worrisome to you because you have stepped in the unknown waters, without knowing how to swim. But, we've got you covered.

When babies, who are only eating and sleeping feel the need to communicate with the parent, especially when they are uneasy, hungry or in need of attention, they CRY. NEW PARENTS, SUCH AS YOU, USUALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND THE CUES but Abudo knows just what your baby wants to say!

This Ebook helps parents with handling a newborn and helps encourage communication to strengthen the parent-baby bond. GET THE BEST TIPS on how to know what your baby wants to say and act accordingly. No matter how silly you think your query is, Abudo understands you as a parent.

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Baby Feeding

What exactly do you need to feed your baby to keep his/her tummy full and healthy? Let's learn how to nourish your baby by giving the nutrition it needs!


Baby Sleeping

Tired of struggling to get your newborn to sleep? Learn how to make your baby sleep all night long, to make your life easier!


Relieving Baby Cold & Cough

What to expect from a baby's cold and what exactly you need to do when your baby has a cough and cold to make your little one feel better!


Infant Gas

How to ease your baby's tummy discomfort by preventing and easing up the pain of gas, the most important thing you need to know!



Even though there is no universal rule to weaning, you still need to know when is it safe to do it, for you and the baby!

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