Healthy With HIV!

Though HIV would modify your life in many ways but it shouldn't keep you from living. Take control of your life by preventing yourself from the HIV stigma through the right mindset. Let's educate you about the HIV issues by answering the top questions for you. Are you ready to make a mindset shift?

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HIV is just a VIRUS, STIGMA IS DEADLY. Did you know that proper lifestyle changes, diet maintenance, and regular exercise can help HIV patients improve their lives and live longer? This is exactly what this Ebook does: it answers the top HIV questions that you are too afraid to ask.

Most people don’t even know that ALTHOUGH HIV CAN'T BE CURED, IT CAN BE MANAGED through proper lifestyle changes including diet maintenance and regular exercise. Let this Ebook be the answer to most frequently asked questions surrounding HIV and kickstart your journey of defeating this stigmatized disease.

Recent trends in modern research have solved many questions related to HIV. Yet many of us are not familiar with petty HIV details. To ACQUAINT YOU WITH HIV RELATED ISSUES, Abudo brings to you this ebook that answers the widely asked HIV questions to help you break the stigma, lead a healthy life, & more!

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Are HIV & AIDS the same? What is CD4 count? What is viral load? Let's go to the basics and answer all the common questions for you!



How HIV is transmitted? What is HIV Reinfection? What activities are more likely to spread to HIV? Let's answer all these questions for you, & more!


HIV & Sex

How to stay sexually active with HIV? What are the guidelines to practice Safe Sex? Let's teach you how you can lead a healthy sexual life by answering all the common questions!



What is ART? Do all HIV positive people need ART? Can HIV progress quickly without ART? You'll know more about the HIV treatment and prevention.


In-Home HIV Tests

How accurate are in-home HIV tests? What are false negative and false positive tests? Let's answer your all questions regarding HIV diagnosis at home!

Ready to defeat HIV and take control of your life?

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