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Do you know that HIV is claiming lives every hour? Do you know that it can't be fought alone? Good thing, you aren't alone; there are measures being taken to end this deadly disease. So, are you ready to join the better cause? Download this FREE eBook to know how can you!

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According to estimates by the WHO and UNAIDS, 36.7 million peoplewere living with HIV globally at the end of 2016.

What’s more devastating is that HIV isclaiming lives every day.

Ending HIV is the need of the hour,, which is why Abudo brings you this ebook which tells you why it's important for you to play your role now. With this ebook, know what researchers have to say about ending HIV by 2030. Get your facts straight and join the cause to end the growing HIV menace!

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Ending HIV Epidemic in America

What does it mean to end the HIV epidemic in America? What does Tump's medical pledge say about the cause? Let's discover the raw truth and answer all the questions about the pledge for you!


The Answer to How?

Increase funding for Public Health Department? Target at-risk communities with treatment and prevention? HIV & social context? Let's answer all these, including 4 other crucial HOWs for you, & more!


Bidding Farewell to HIV?

Will this really happen? Can the HIV be really put to an end by 2030 according to the medical pledge? Let's put the light on it so you know what will it really take it to end and how can you support the cause!

Ready to join the cause to end the growing HIV menace?

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